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  • We do not have a central office located on the property. Check in is a self-check-in process and you will be given instructions at the time your reservation is booked.

  • CHECK IN is 4:00 PM or later and CHECK OUT is 12:00 PM or earlier on all properties.

  • We ask that you please follow the check in/check out procedures we have listed. By following these procedures, it allows our cleaning crew to ensure the house is properly sanitized for the incoming group. We DO NOT allow an early check in or late check out time.


  • The rates listed are non-negotiable. A deposit of the minimum night stay per night is required at the time of check in. Your reservation is NOT guaranteed without a deposit. (please see rate page).

Minimum Stay-

  • A 2 night minimum stay is required for all reservations.

  • A 3 night minimum stay is required during all holidays, Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, and spring break.

Maximum Occupancy-

  • A maximum of 12 children and adults are allowed during your stay. This includes all renters and day guests.

  • If you are reported for having additional guests, children or adults over the 12 person maximum, you may be asked to leave the lodge and still be responsible for payment for the stay. This is EXTREMELY important while we are currently in a pandemic.

  • We do not allow large gatherings or parties. You may be subject to additional fees if you exceed the 12 person occupancy.

Indoor Fireplace-

  • Please DO NOT light a fire in the fireplace. It is there for decoration only. If a fire is lit in the fireplace, you will be responsible for all damages and repairs.


  • The pool is cleaned daily during your stay. It is available for use at all times. Please DO NOT WASH FEET, WADERS, SHOES, etc. in the pool. PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE POOL. No rocks, hooks, lures, coins in the pool. A $200 fee will be applied to your remaining balance if there is evidence of sand, rocks, mud, pet hair, foreign objects in the pool.


  • South Texas consists of a variety of fascinating wildlife! We strongly suggest that you view the wildlife from a distance with binoculars provided in the lodge or by taking pictures only.

  • Approaching wildlife can result in danger or harm to yourself and others.

  • WATCH YOUR STEP when walking after dark or early in the morning. Snakes, spiders, scorpions, etc, have been seen in the area and precautions should be taken.

  • Our properties are treated by a professional on a regular basis for pests. Due to our rural area, it is likely you will encounter a pest or wildlife at some point during your stay. The Ranch House is not responsible for any pest or wildlife encounters.

Outdoor grill-

  • Please be cautious while grilling at the lodge. The grill provided is charcoal. We do not provide charcoal or lighter fluid.

  • You are responsible for making sure the grill is no longer burning before it is left unattended. South Texas can become very dry; this allows fires to start very quickly from sparks.


Quiet hours-

  • Although we do not have set quiet hours, we do have neighbors, who are permanent residents near the property. We ask that you please be respectful while listening to music, swimming, or playing outdoor games after dark.

  • Neighboring residents have the right to report excessive noise. If you are reported, this could result in being evicted from the property and loss of deposit/total payment.


·      Pets are allowed, but MUST be disclosed at the time of booking.

·      There is a $50 fee per pet with a maximum of 2 pets.

·      Pets must be crated when being left unattended.

·      Pets are NOT allowed on any furniture.

·      Proof of Rabies vaccination and flea/tick medication will be required at time of booking.

·      Animal droppings or excessive cleaning of pet hair will incur additional charges.

·      Pets are NOT allowed in the pool under any circumstances.

·      Failing to inform us about a pet, leaving pet uncrated and unattended, damages to furniture/yard/pool, or allowing pet on furniture, may lead to an additional $100 per night fee or eviction from the property.

·      By bringing your pet, you are accepting responsibility for damages to the lodge.

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