About Us

     Glynn and Nancy Merritt live on The Cayo del Grullo, an estuary of Baffin Bay.  Glynn, originally from Robstown, Texas grew up fishing and hunting in South Texas.  After graduating from Texas A&I University, he managed the University Farm for 18 years before moving to public education, teaching science in Banquete until his retirement.  Nancy grew up in Houston and came to South Texas to attend Texas A & I University.  After teaching for over 20 years in Robstown and Ricardo, she ended her 35 year career as a school librarian.  She now works part time as the Sarita School librarian. 

     Never ones to be idle, the Merritt's bought The Ranch House and The Bunk House from the Canamores, to become owner/operators of a lodging operation on Baffin Bay.  Their son Gerad, a former Marine and TAMUK College of Agriculture graduate books fishing and dove hunting trips to complement and complete the Merritt's newest enterprise.